Meet the Fellowship Leadership Team
Jon Lands
Marty Fullerton
Assistant Pastor,
Music & Young Marrieds
304-295-8982 ext. 104
Jeremy Kaminski
Assistant Pastor,
Media (Praise FM & WCFT)
304-295-8982 ext. 105 jeremy@fellowshipchurch.net
Caleb Frink
Assistant Pastor,
Student Ministries
304-295-8982 ext. 107 caleb@fellowshipchurch.net
Tim Dowler
Praise FM & WCFT TV 68
304-893-9736 ext. 109 timpraisefm@gmail.com
Joshua Ferrari
Assistant to the Pastor
College & Career Ministry
304-295-8982 ext. 108 jferrari@fellowshipchurch.net
Scott Wilson
Assistant Pastor
Family Fellowships
304-295-8982 ext. 111 swilson@fellowshipchurch.net
Kay Smith
Financial Secretary
Pastor’s Secretary
304-295-8982 ext. 101 office@fellowshipchurch.net
Diane Chapman
Office Manager
Women’s Ministry Director
304-295-8982 ext. 103 diane@fellowshipchurch.net
Kim Wanstreet
Children’s Ministries Director
Rachel Sells
Nurseries Director
Ronda Alfred
The Fellowship Family Hour
Closed Captioning
DSC_0909-17 Kathy Internet
Kathy Dowler
Custodial Services
Jim Miihlbach
Building & Grounds Maintenance