Pastor Search

After twenty-three years of successful and blessed ministry in West Virginia, Pastor Jon Lands has announced his resignation as pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Vienna, West Virginia to serve in the administration of a Christian College.  Pastor Lands has asked that the search process begin immediately.  Therefore, Fellowship Baptist Church is seeking the next pastor to lead our large, diverse congregation with multiple services, multi-faceted ministries and full staff.  A candidate must meet the requirements as unanimously established by the Pulpit Committee in the Pastor Candidate Profile.  He will also share our statement of faith and constitutional beliefs. 
Interested candidates may contact the Pastoral Search Committee at the link below:


We will use this page to communicate updates to the Fellowship Family as we navigate through the pastor search process. Please visit the page often.  Please pray for the Pulpit Committee, our future pastor, and his family, as God walks with us in this important season of our church’s life.
6/9/19 –  The Pastoral Search Committee (PSC) has received numerous resumes of applicants for the position of Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church. The PSC is currently reviewing, vetting and investigating each applicant allowing the proper process to unfold with each applicant. Additionally, the PSC has recommended the Pulpit Committee to begin to bring in guest speakers beginning July 7.  Please remember, not all guest speakers are candidates, but the candidate will be a guest speaker. 
5/5/19 –  The Commission of the Pastor Search and Transition Committee and its appointees passed with 99% approval by secret ballot vote.  Psalm 133:1 – “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”
4/28/19 – The Deacons acting as the Pulpit Committee met with the Trustees and Church Staff to go over the Pastoral Search Transition Plan and the Pastor Candidate Profile.  The Transition Plan and Pastor Candidate Profile was unanimously approved by the Pulpit Committee with unanimous consent by the Trustees and Staff.   A select committee has been appointed to serve as the Pastoral Search Committee (PSC).    The commission of the committee will be:
1. Serve as the gatekeeper of the process and clearinghouse of candidates based on the Pastoral Candidate Profile.
2. Meet each Wednesday evening to prayerfully review and discuss potential candidates for further investigation and recommendation to the Pulpit Committee.
3. Fully interview, investigate, and vet each potential candidate; including traveling to local churches of potential candidates for observation of the potential candidate’s style and philosophy of ministry.
4. Unanimously agree upon any candidate recommended to the Pulpit Committee with a full report of findings from the vetting process.
5. If necessary, the Senior Deacon, Senior Trustee, and Senior Staff Member of the Pastor Search Committee will serve as an Executive Committee making any administrative decision normally made by the pastor while without a pastor. 
6. This committee’s term shall remain in place until such time as the next pastor has been called by a vote of the church and he has accepted that call. 
The following individuals were appointed to serve on the PSC by Pastor Jon Lands:
Tim Perine (Senior Deacon and Committee Chair)
Clayton Bond (Senior Trustee and Committee Vice-Chair/Spokesperson)
Marty Fullerton (Senior Staff Member)
David Stephens (Deacon)
Matthew Sells (Deacon)
Roger Conley (Trustee)
Larry Wright (Member-at-large and inactive Deacon)
The Pastoral Search Committee commission and appointees will be brought before the congregation for confirmation on Sunday May, 5.