Missionary News Letter


Missionary –Humphrey

Mission: Auckland, New Zealand


I trust you had a blessed Easter. We certainly had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday,

The Lord continues to use John and I for His glory here. Recently, a Chinese lady in her late 50’s trusted Christ as her Saviour. Ren is her name. Prior to her returning to China, we had further opportunities to meet with her. During one Bible study, she trusted Christ. Though she was concerned about what her Buddhist husband would say she prayed and asked God to save her through the shed blood of Christ. Please pray for Ren’s spiritual growth and that she will find a good Bible teaching church in Beijing China.

We praise the Lord for providing a job for Christina. This job will likely mean that she and her family can remain in New Zealand with a work visa. We are still praying for Frank to find a job, so that Christina doesn’t have to work.  She would like to stay home and raise her son Felex.

We had to say good-bye to Lily, as she did not get her visa renewed to stay in New Zealand. It is getting more difficult for foreigners to stay in New Zealand under the new immigration policy.

God has given us another Chinese couple with whom to minister. We are having Bible studies with them. They both seem genuine but want to see physical evidence that the Bible is true, i.e. the tombs of the Apostles, etc. John has his work cut out for him. We are praying for them and ask that you pray for the salvation of Jay and Grace.

John continues to prepare diligently for our four Bible studies each week, plus preaching at a Chinese church when invited. He answers their Bible questions throughout the week during the studies and also via WeChat. Please continue to pray that the Lord would glorify Himself through these studies.

Please pray for me as I (Mihyon) have been dealing with some health issues for the past several months. I had an echocardiogram which revealed some plaques in my heart. I am supposed to have an angiogram but have had to cancel my appointment until our insurance company determines whether or not to cover the cost. Please pray that the insurance company will approve the procedure.


Serving the Lord with gladness and thanksgiving.

John & Mihyon Humphrey