FBC 062018 Blog post


The Fellowship Family is a unique church.   Unique by definition is “limited in occurrence and class.”  So I think “unique” is the best adjective to describe what God is doing at FBC.

I’m often asked what makes Fellowship tick and why I have been willing to invest 22 years of my life here and I give three reasons.    Our people, our philosophy, and our passion.   The next few email updates I am going to spend some time writing about each of these “unique” aspects of our church.

First, our people. 

Easter Sunday 1986 at the original 46th Street Building

From the beginning when the church  started in 1981 the people of Fellowship had a basic love for the Lord and desire was to see His church built.  They wanted to see a church that was biblical sound but wasn’t bound to the legalism that prevalent during that time.  Through sunshine and shadows over the ensuing years they kept that vision at the forefront, so when I came in 1996 the 60 adults of the core nucleus were primed for growth and ministry.   Today we have many more people, but that same overarching love for the Lord.  That’s evidenced today in our church family’s care one for another but on a larger scale. Our desire remains the same – to love the Lord with our heart, soul, and mind, and love our neighbor as ourselves.   Our love for the Lord drives our love for others. 

The original sanctuary and congregation of the 46th Street building in 1995.

A church family’s love is really the integral result of two separate tests.   First, when a church family loves one another it is a test of their regeneration in Christ. First John 3:14 says, “We know that we have passed from death unto life because we love the brethren.”  Second, when a church family loves one another builds the proper reputation in the community.  Christ said, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples if ye have love one to another” (John 13:35).

In human relations, there is a menagerie of personalities and perspectives, but through the love of Christ, our church comes together to worship and fellowship.  Christ is our common bond and out of it comes a love for one another.  

So, what makes the Fellowship family unique?  We are a people who love one another.   Thank you for being a part of the family that loves God and loves each other.  And thank you for allowing me to be your pastor.