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God’s plan for the church was more than just strangers gathering together to worship, he designed the church to be a family. However, developing those family-like relationships is nearly impossible by only attending the main worship services. That’s why we encourage everyone who attends our church to join one of our adult Family Fellowships. Each Fellowship meet each Sunday Morning from 9:30-10:15. It is in this small group environment that you will make new connections and build relationships that will last for a lifetime. We currently offer 8 different adult fellowships for all ages and stages of life. Don’t just attend church be a part of the family by joining one of our Family Fellowships this Sunday!

The following are our Family Fellowships:

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The Bridge Fellowship

The bridge is a fellowship designed to reach young adults who have recently graduated high school, who are attending college, or who just started their career. Making the transition from adolescence to adulthood can be challenging but you won’t have to face that challenge alone if you join the bridge fellowship.
Committed Couples

The Committed Couples Fellowship

This fellowship was created to help young married couples navigate the challenges and adjustments of being newly married. Many of the young families in this fellowship are also adapting to the joy of becoming parents. This fellowship is a wonderful place to meet other young couples who are laying the foundations of a Christ-centered home and learning biblical truths that will make their marriage last.
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The Family Framework Fellowship

If you’re married and still have children at home then the Family Framework fellowship is where you belong. The emphasis of this fellowship is to strengthen the husband and wife relationship while continuing to meet the ever changing challenges of being a godly mom and dad.

The Senior Saints Fellowship

Our senior saints fellowship is one of the most energetic and fun filled fellowships we offer at our church. If you’ve reached retirement age but aren’t interested in retiring from serving God this is a wonderful place for you to start. Our seniors are always reaching out to help others in need and finding new ways to share the gospel.
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The Conquerors Fellowship

This is one of three general adult fellowships that we offer at our church. The emphasis of this fellowship centered around marriage or parenting, but rather it deals with timeless biblical truths that are applicable to all ages. This fellowship is filled with a variety of people of all ages and is a wonderful place to build lasting friendships.
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The Pathfinders Fellowship

Our pathfinders fellowship is one of the longest running and most well established fellowships of our church. It also serves as a general adult fellowship welcoming adults of all ages to attend. Like all of our fellowships you are guaranteed to hear a Christ-centered lesson from God’s Word that will not only encourage you, but challenge you to go further with Christ.
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The Women of Grace Fellowship

This fellowship is led and attended by many wonderful ladies in our church. If you enjoy studying the Bible and learning more about serving Christ as a godly woman then the Women of Grace fellowship is where you belong. This is a wonderful place for wives, widows, single moms, or single women to grow together in Christ!
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The Faith & Freedom Fellowship

Our faith and freedom fellowship was recently started to share biblical teachings with an application to emphasize our godly heritage. This is a general adult fellowship that welcomes all ages. If you love the Lord and learning more about how our Nation was founded upon biblical principles you’ll feel right at home in the faith and freedom fellowship.
If you have any questions about our Family Fellowships please call the church office at 304-295-8982 or contact our Family Fellowships Pastor at