Missionary News Letter


Missionary The Gorman Family: Mission Field New Jersey

Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him:

God is a refuge for us.  Psalm 62:8

We have several urgent prayer requests. First, please pray for Parkland, FL. Our hearts are breaking for this community. The tragic school shooting that occurred recently was only 7 miles from where we lived before moving to New Jersey. Jon’s family lives close by there, and our sending church (where his dad pastors) is in a neighboring city. One of the children who was killed was a member of our sending church’s Spanish ministry. He had a testimony of salvation and would always be sure to shake Pastor Gorman’s hand each Sunday. Several in the Christian school there (where Jon taught) knew victims of this tragedy. Please pray for our sending church, and others, as they minister to the heartbroken loved ones. Pray that many will come to Christ through the memorial services that are taking place this weekend.

Pray also for our family’s housing need. About a week ago, we were informed that the owners of the house we have been renting for 3 years had gone into default on their mortgage. The house was immediately put on the market and is already under contract. This was very unexpected to us, and all happened in just 4 days. We felt very settled here, since the home owners had previously told us that we were welcome to stay as long as we wished. This is now the second time we have been faced with an unplanned move here in NJ. We know that God has a reason for this and a plan He is unfolding in our lives, but Satan is trying to use this challenge to discourage and distract us. We are learning sympathize with our heroes who have to move every couple of years. Please pray that God will guide us to the right place to live in the 60 days that we have to vacate. As of right now, we do not have any leads, but we are trusting God to provide and are pouring out our hearts before Him. The verse above has been a great encouragement for us!

We do have some praises to share as well! We have seen several more salvation decisions of military personnel and have had two civilians join our church! A returning guest told me yesterday that she wants to join the church as well. Jon met these new members by knocking on their doors to share the gospel. They were saved but backslidden and not attending church. We have been discipling them and ask you to pray for their continued growth. We are also excited to report that we have an opportunity to send Bibles and Bible study books with an airman who wants to lead his squadron in Bible study as they are deployed in Iraq. Pray that God will use these Bibles and materials to lead airmen to Him and help believers  to grow in Him. Please also pray that we will continue to reach our military heroes  with the gospel and have a greater impact on this base for the Lord Jesus Christ!